Taizhou hot dry silk

Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, is a laid-back city with a reputation as "Slow Life Water City". The locals have a custom of drinking morning tea, and one of obligatory dishes for morning tea is “hot dry silk”. Dried white tofu as main...

  • May 02,2023


hainan powder

Does anyone remember On Xiaochu FM on Monday, Huang Xiaochu mentioned Hainan's signature delicacy: noodles. Huang Xiaochu was stunned by its delicacy after eating Houan noodles for two days, but in fact, many people do not know mu...

  • May 01,2023


Grilled meat

Beijing's Nancheng is a winter gastronomic treasure trove, and food at famous restaurants is very simple. Shabu-shabu, barbecue, lamb scorpion, sesame cakes with beer and sesame sauce - heroic atmosphere of a winter dinner. This...

  • April 29,2023


dongying yellow river saury

Huanghe saury, also known as Mao saury, is a special product at mouth of Yellow River. The Dongying District of Dongying City is where saury from Yellow River must pass through to migrate, hence its name. The shape of Huanghe sau...

  • April 28,2023


pot helmet

Ingredients Dough A: Flour: 100g Yeast: 1g Salt: 1g Warm water: 150g (adjust according to water absorption of flour) Dough B: Flour: 100g Eggs: 50g (adjust according to water absorption of flour) Boiled Black sesame, fennel: feel ...

  • April 25,2023


shroud ginger milk

There are many delicacies in Guangzhou, and when it comes to Shawan cuisine, I'm sure a lot of people think of a bowl of ginger and milk. In 2017, in Shunde, Foshan City, I was looking for most popular local food, hotels, restaur...

  • April 01,2023


Shortbread Mille-feuille

By Blue Summer [Official Certified Peanut Food Master] Materials 300 g flour 170 g warm water Vegetable oil 25g 2 grams of salt 80g low gluten flour (shortbread) 50 grams of hot butter (shortbread dough) Ground pepper (paste) 2 gr...

  • March 31,2023



Among many Zibo delicacies, four main types of Zibo biscuits, namely Zhoucun biscuits, Zichuan biscuits, Linzi biscuits and Boshan biscuits, are very popular among people. According to historical records, sesame cakes were intr...

  • March 30,2023


tofu brain

Tofu Brain Cooking Method: 1. Take a pot and fill it with 70-80% cold water, add about 500g of pork belly, 1 small bag of dried shrimp (about 50g), cook until meat is tender. , and oil juice and shrimp juice merge and dissolve in ...

  • March 29,2023


bean juice

Dujie, such old Beijing food with its own serving is famous and controversial. People who come to Beijing want to taste it. evil very evil. What is soy juice? How to drink soy juice without being shy when you arrive in Beijing? 0...

  • March 28,2023