Daoku fried chicken

Seasonings: 40 glasses of water, 700 grams of salt, 120 grams of monosodium glutamate. 120 grams of chicken essence, 3.5 grams of refined chicken fat Spices: herbal fruits 20g, star anise 23g, cloves 15g, 20 grams of yellow garden...

  • March 27,2023


Fish head with chopped pepper

Fish head with chopped peppers is a typical Hunan dish. This dish has been around for a long time. The most famous of them: fried pork from farm, braised pork Mao. In general, everyone who loves Hunan cuisine knows these dishes. ,...

  • March 26,2023


Shaoxing stinky tofu

Shaoxing, located in north-central part of Zhejiang province and on south coast of Hangzhou Bay, it is a city on water with characteristics of Jiangnan City of culture and ecotourism, it is birthplace of Vietnamese culture. As one...

  • March 25,2023


Cage Rice

1. Wash rice first and soak it in water for 4 hours, and before use, soak dried lotus leaves in water for 2 hours. 2. Spread water-soaked dried lotus leaves in a steamer, sprinkle soaked rice evenly on surface of lotus leaves, an...

  • March 24,2023


Steamed Lamb Haiyuan

Introduction Steamed lamb is a famous snack popular in Tongxing and Haiyuan, and is served in many restaurants. Practice Ningxia lamb is tender and tasty, odorless. It is best to choose a breast fork and upper part of spine, cut ...

  • March 23,2023


Qujing steam lure

When it comes to classic Qujing food, people familiar with it should blurt out, "Qujing steamed silk bait!" Steamed silk bait is a specialty snack in Qujing, Yunnan that dates back to 1980s, is very popular with locals and enjoys ...

  • March 22,2023


Jiaxing Zongzi

Brief Introduction Jiaxing Zongzi is a famous traditional Han dish in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, with a long history. Jiaxing Zongzi is famous for its sticky but not mushy, fatty but not greasy, fragrant sticky and tasty, moderat...

  • March 21,2023


Jiangxi Fish Pie

Introduction to Fish Pie Fish pie has always been considered a well-known traditional dish with a thousand-year history, for a long time it was popular only at royal banquets of royal palace nobility. According to legend, in anci...

  • March 19,2023


Soup with duck blood vermicelli

Hi everyone, my name is Chewie and I share a culinary delight that I learned easily. Welcome to communicate and improve each other. Among many appetizers, there is always one or two that people will never forget, more so than duc...

  • March 18,2023


sheep thread

1. Standard Ingredients: Main ingredients: 5 kg lamb. Auxiliary materials: 150 g refined salt, 150 g sugar, 100 g chopped green onions, 50 g ginger powder, 100 g sorghum wine, 10 g monosodium glutamate, 5 g fennel powder and 2.5 ...

  • March 17,2023