Anhui Cuisine

Chopped chrysanthemum bamboo shoots
  • March 10,2023

Elegant and generous, texture of bamboo shoots is crisp and tender, which is typical of Anhui cuisine.

Ingredients: 50g cooked ham, 75g shredded shrimp meat, required amount of bamboo shoots, onion and ginger juice, chicken essence, pepper, refined salt and sugar. Do:

1. First, cut tip of a bamboo shoot into a chrysanthemum shape, soak cut chrysanthemum in water, drain in a colander, dip in boiling water, add oil, scald green onions and ginger, drain, remove and set aside. On a plate, sprinkle dry starch on top, squeeze shrimp into center of flowers and sprinkle with chopped ham on top.

2. Add broth to pot, put chicken essence, salt, sugar, a little pepper, pour some oil, then carefully pour soup into a bowl, add chicken oil, and then steam it on basket and take out dish is ready.