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Drunken bamboo shoots
  • April 15,2023

Drunken Winter Bamboo Shoots have a long history in Jiangsu and Zhejiang dating back thousands of years. With a simple seasoning, its taste is very tasty, which is why people in south of Yangtze River love it very much. and is transmitted to this day.

Drunken Winter Bamboo Shoots traditionally uses only rice wine, salt and sugar, and method is very simple. Later, it was improved: in some places fragrant grains were put into it to enhance taste, and in some places wine was added to make taste of bamboo shoots more unique.

Today, this dish is prepared by pickling. It is very tender and tasty. The specific method is as follows:”

More about ingredients

  • Winter bamboo shoots 250 g

  • High rice wine 15 grams

  • Sweet and salty

  • Etching process

  • A few hours of consumption

  • Easy Difficulty

[Zhejiang Cuisine] - Practical Steps "Drunken Winter Bamboo Shoots"

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    Cut bamboo shoots into fan-shaped pieces.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    Next, cut small bamboo shoots into blades.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    Blanch with boiling water.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    After blanching, season with spices, a little salt and mix well.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    Add sugar and mix well.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    Sprinkle some monosodium glutamate and mix well.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    Pour in rice wine and mix well.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    A few drops of sesame oil.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    After mixing bamboo shoots, cover with cling film and leave to marinate in refrigerator for 24 hours.

  • Drunken bamboo shoots


    When eating, you can randomly connect different shapes, such as fan-shaped, fish-shaped or stacked.


Characteristics of this dish: white color, rich wine aroma, tender and crispy, salty and sweet.


1. For bamboo shoots, you can choose fresh winter or spring bamboo shoots.

2. The rice wine used for pickling is sold in supermarkets at a very low price.

3. You can also use pickled winter bamboo shoots to stir-fry bamboo shoot chicken nuggets. You don't need to add soy sauce, just use pickled bamboo shoot soup.

This Zhejiang Drunken Winter Bamboo Shoots side dish with a large frying spoon is ready. It is very easy to prepare, and taste is delicate and delicious. A good side dish to drink, for reference!

Used utensils: saucepan

Drunken bamboo shoots