Anhui Cuisine

Crispy red eel
  • March 10,2023


Two eels

An appropriate amount of onion, ginger and garlic

Half an onion

half each green and red pepper


1. Pour an appropriate amount of oil into back of a hot pan, wait for oil to heat up a little, put in there, fry garlic and ginger while stirring, and aroma will come out.

2. Add onion and saute a little while stirring.

3. Put eel part in (Note: peel eel part before putting it in pan, then cut it into pieces for later use, no need to marinate to make it more tasty, you can scratch a few knives on eel section.)

4. Fry a little, add soy sauce with salt

5. Fry a little, stirring, and then add cooking wine to remove fishy smell. Then boil for a while to collect juice.

6. When juice is almost collected, add green and red pepper at end.

7. Final Load