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Whole fish with crispy chicken
  • July 06,2023

Whole fish with crispy chicken

Gourmet Recipe


If you want to fry delicious fried chicken, besides controlling oil temperature, most important thing to pay attention to is selection of ingredients. The most important crunchy texture of fried chicken lies in batter and fried powder used, so understanding characteristics of each fried powder has become a must for making fried chicken. It is said that if a worker wants to be good at his job, he must first sharpen his tools. Only by knowing properties of material can he put it to good use and prepare golden, crispy, delicious fried chicken dishes. Second, right seasoning is best secret recipe to add points to a meal, now let's explore colorful world of fried powder and seasonings!

Low gluten flour

The average protein content of low gluten flour is about 8.5%. The protein content is low and gluten is weak. If only low-gluten flour is used as material, skin will be softer when fried, and not as crispy as bread flour. To make fried chicken crispy, it is usually mixed with corn starch into a dough, wrapped in chicken skin, and then deep fried.

Taibai powder

Corn starch is made from raw potato starch. Cornstarch gelatinizes after mixing with water and has a high viscosity. It is commonly used to thicken dishes or increase thickness of fillings. When frying chicken, less people choose cornstarch powder, because taste will not be good if heat is not properly controlled, but sometimes they prefer to pat some cornstarch powder on surface of chicken, a thin layer, function is to make fried chicken appearance of chicken is more lustrous, so that dishes are very appealing to appetite.

Clarified flour

Clarified flour, also known as wheat starch, is a flour that does not contain proteins, gluten and has high adhesion, so it cannot be wound only on skin of chicken. Before wrapping, it must be evenly mixed with batter. fry on skin of chicken. The function of clear flour is to make fried chicken dough not fluffy and it has a more transparent feel. It is also often used in Chinese dim sum such as shrimp dumplings and crystal dumplings.

Bread flour

Bread flour is made from wheat, and some people use it after breaking white toast at home. Because it is non-sticky, it is not easy to stick to food surfaces. It is usually used first to coat other products. batter or egg yolk on fried food. Use bread flour to fry food, taste is more distinct, appearance will be beautiful golden yellow, andthe crispy crust of food can be kept for a long time and it will not become soft soon, but one thing to pay attention to, deep frying Be very careful when frying oil, it should not be too high or too long, otherwise bread flour is easy turns black.

Crunchy (crunchy) powder

Crispy dough is made from various materials. It can also be made with a 3:1 ratio of low-gluten flour and glutinous rice flour, along with a small amount of baking powder. When frying, wrap chicken skin with crispy dough, which can make skin more crispy after frying. Crispy dough is added to crispy fried chicken in a well-known store to get such a crispy effect! If you feel that home-made crunchy powder is too tedious, you can buy ready-made crunchy powder from supermarket.

baking powder

Baking powder, also known as baking powder, is baking powder made from baking soda powder and other acidic materials. The carbon dioxide after heating will release more gas, which will cause food to expand and improve taste. Most use it in cakes, cookies and other baked goods. If used for frying, it will make taste of fried chicken more tender.</ p>

Modern people busy with fried chicken powder, even if they love to cook, don't have much time to marinate and make batter according to scriptures, so go to supermarket to buy fried chicken powder prepared in advance. ! This saves you hassle of making dough at home.

Fried Salty Crispy Chicken Powder

Do you like crispy salted chicken? But small sellers outside don't know if it's clean and hygienic, so it's better to do it yourself at home! The most economical way is to buy salted crispy fried chicken powder in market, after frying, you can add a little salt and pepper or chili.

Curry powder

Curry powder is fragrant and spicy. It is made from various spices. It stimulates appetite, improves blood circulation and promotes sweating to reduce body temperature. Therefore, they like to eat it in many subtropical countries. In Curry Fried Chicken, we use a mixture of curry and batter, which not only changes taste of fried chicken, but also adds more healthy elements.

Red pepper powder

Red Pepper Powder is made from mild red peppers that are not overly spicy. In addition, its bright red color can go very well with seasoning and food. Sprinkle it over fried chicken for more color. , and also can satisfy those who like spicy food, especially when cooking spicy chicken wings, but those who are afraid of spicy food should eat it carefully.

Pepper and cole

Pepper salt is made from white pepper powder and fine salt. It adds great flavor to dishes and gives roasted chicken a rich flavor.

Whole fish with crispy chicken

Gourmet Recipe

Practice Crispy Chicken Legs with Fish Flavor

Chicken thighs are thick and not easy to taste, but they're not difficult to cook well here and are on par with fried chicken thighs in Western restaurants. I'll teach you how to make crispy fish-flavored chicken drumsticks.

Prepare two chicken feet as main ingredient, and auxiliary ingredients include onion, ginger, garlic, pickled pepper, sugar, rice vinegar, cooking wine, water starch, dried red pepper and peppercorns, flour, baking soda, dry starch . and salad oil.

First, remove bone from chicken leg, and then cut leg with a knife so that chicken leg tastes better during marinating process. After flower knife is ready, put cooking wine, Chinese prickly ash, dried red pepper, ginger and onion, and salt on chicken legs and marinate for 20 minutes. remove fishy smell from chicken legs.

When marinating chicken legs, you can mix dough, pay attention to ratio of flour and dry starch 2 to 1, then add some baking soda, stir gently with water, make a paste, dough may spread. chopsticks Just make a line. At end, add some salad oil to batter to make it crispier and crunchier when frying.

Place marinated chicken legs in steamer and steam for about five minutes. After chicken legs are steamed, prepare them for frying in a pan with oil. Before frying, dip cooked chicken legs in batter and evenly wrap them. Then put them in pan when temperature of oil reaches 80%. Put cut pieces. meat on a plate.

Let's do fish sauce then. Put onion, ginger and garlic in a pan with oil and fry until fragrant, then add pickled pepper, salt and sugar, cooking wine and vinegar. Drain slag, then add starch water, mix well, pour chicken thigh with whipped fish sauce. Crispy and delicious, sweet and sour crispy chicken legs with fish flavor are ready.

Whole fish with crispy chicken