Fujian Cuisine

fresh bamboo razor
  • July 10,2023

Many people enjoy eating fresh razor clams. Although recipe for this dish is relatively simple, it is rich in nutrients and tastes good. The main ingredients of this dish are winter bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, starch, razor clams, etc., and ingredients include butter tea with salty sauce. According to recipe below, fresh shellfish with an unpleasant smell and taste can also be taken after a meal, and it is also a good dish that office workers can choose for their midday meal.

fresh bamboo razor

Ingredient: razor clams (750 g)

Accessories: shiitake mushrooms (dried) (10 g), winter bamboo shoots (75 g), starch (beans) (5 g)

Seasonings: ginger juice (1 g) rice wine (10 g) white sugar (10 g) shallots (2 g) salt (1 g) garlic (2 g) monosodium glutamate (3 g) aromatic grains (15 d) peanut butter (50 g) fresh bamboo razor

1. With a knife, make two cuts along mouth of razor clam, remove shell and take meat, remove belly, thread and film, and cut each razor meat into two connected sheets from middle. , wash off dirt and sand and put them in boiling water. Take it out of pan for a while;

2. Peel winter bamboo shoots and cut into thin slices 1.8 cm long and 1.2 cm wide;

3. Slice shiitake mushrooms;

4. Chop green onion and white horseshoe slices and marinate with 50 ml stock, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar and wet starch.

5. We put pan on a strong fire, add peanut butter to 70% heat, fry winter bamboo shoots in oil for 1 minute, put it in a colander to glass oil;

6. Leave 20 grams of remaining oil in pan, put it on high heat, stir a little chopped garlic and ginger juice in pan, then add fragrant grains and fry a little, then add rice wine, shiitake mushrooms and oiled winter bamboo shoots, pour in boil marinade and thicken it evenly, then add chopped clam meat, sauté evenly and transfer to a plate.

fresh bamboo razor
needlework tips

1. All main and auxiliary materials are cut into pieces of different sizes, which makes main materials more visible;

2. Pour marinade into saucepan. Be sure to wait for marinade to boil before adding shellfish slices, otherwise quality of dishes will suffer;

3. Due to frying process, 300 grams of peanut butter must be cooked.