Hunan Cuisine

Spicy charred pork
  • June 24,2023

Main ingredients: 1000 g pork ribs.

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 50g flour, 250g green onions, 100g sweet bean sauce, 30 pancakes.

Seasoning: 1000g peanut butter (no consumption), 25g cooking wine, 3g salt, 1.5g monosodium glutamate, 2.5g sugar, 1g five spice powder, 15g green onion. , 15 grams of ginger and 10 grams of sesame oil.

1. Wash rib meat, put in a soup pot and boil until it breaks (until it becomes raw), remove and let cool, do not peel skin, cut into 6 cm long, 3 cm wide and 6 cm thick; mash it with addition of cooking wine to shallots and ginger to get juice, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, five spice powder and marinate meat for about half an hour.

2. Whisk eggs, add flour, starch and required amount of water to make a paste, and put meat into paste.

3. Boil peanut butter, put pieces of meat in batter one at a time and fry until surface hardens (be careful not to stick together when frying), then remove from heat and use warm. butter until crispy to fat Drain fat and fat, then deep fry until golden brown, take out, drizzle with sesame oil, put on a plate and serve with pancakes, green onions and two sauces each, and it's done.

Crispy and crunchy, sweet and savory.