Sichuan Cuisine

Chenpi eel section
  • March 10,2023

The most important thing in Cantonese cuisine is eel

The nutritional value of eel is extremely high

White eel is also known as "water ginseng"

The taste is fresh and delicate, with a mild taste

This is a delicacy loved by visitors to Guangdong

Chenpi eel section

Tangerine zest can be the icing on a white eel cake

Highlight its flavor

It becomes more refreshing and sweet

Chenpi eel section

Guan Weiqiang

Chenpi eel section

So, today Brother Qiang will continue to give you Cantonese flavor

This is steamed eel with tangerine zest

Chenpi eel section

Before you start

Prepare tangerine zest, tempeh, ginger and garlic as ingredients

Here we use Luoding fermented soybeans

The color won't be too dark

Less water

Steaming makes it tastier

Chenpi eel section


Cut tempeh

Chenpi eel section

Divide tangerine peel into two parts

Cut part into thin strips

Chenpi eel section

The other part is cut into small grains

Chenpi eel section

After pouring oil into a hot pan

Pour prepared garlic and ginger into pan in turn

Slow fire and roasting

Chenpi eel section

When garlic turns golden brown

Put in tempo

Keep frying for a while

Wait until almost done

Now head is ready

Next, start cooking white eels

There is a slime on surface of white eel, which is called singing in Guangdong

This slime can be removed in following ways

Chenpi eel section

First place it in white eel pan

Pour 80-90 degrees of hot water

Immediately add some cold water to cool down

Then dry whitehead with a towel

This slime will come off

Chenpi eel section

Slice white eel evenly into money slices

Chop evenly for even steam

Chenpi eel section

Place sliced ​​white eel in a large bowl

Add some sugar

Pour some sauce

Chenpi eel section

Add some soy sauce and salt

Some time stirring with a spoon

Add raw powder to lock in moisture

And previously made material head

Keep stirring well

Chenpi eel section

Add some peanut butter at end

It can make white eel more flavorful


Chenpi eel section

After thorough mixing

Find a big plate

Put pieces of meat on top

This allows you to quickly and evenly steam it

Chenpi eel section

Before installing steamer

Make sure water is boiling

Then put a white eel on it

Cover pot

Chenpi eel section

After steaming for about six minutes

He's ready to cook