Sichuan Cuisine

Longan burnt white
  • July 01,2023

Longan Shaobai This dish is named after its longan-like shape and is a traditional dish of Sichuan Province. The shape of this dish is peculiar and beautiful, meat rolls are wrapped with lotus seeds, similar to longan. Although main ingredient is pork belly, it is lean and has a strong flavor. Ingredients 250 g pork belly 50 g lotus seeds 50 g rapeseed 10 g salad oil 500 g (about 20 g consumption) water starch 5 g salt 3 g soy sauce 5 g fermented glutinous rice juice 10 g burnt white longan (red color, soft texture , sweet taste, greasy but not greasy) approach

  1. Boil pork belly for 7 minutes and remove it. Soak lotus seeds in cold water for 30 minutes and remove core of lotus.

  2. Heat a saucepan and pour oil into it, at same time wipe off water from surface of pork belly, and then spread fermented glutinous rice juice.

  3. Place pork belly in a frying pan with oil, deep-fry until skin turns brown and red, take it out and let it cool for later use.

  4. Cut fried pork belly to desired length and thickness.

  5. Place lotus seeds on skin of meat slices, roll them into a cylinder, then put skin, put them neatly upright in a bowl, steam them in basket for about 2 hours, take them, and put them on a plate.

  6. Blanch canola seeds in boiling water, remove and drain water and place it around burnt rice.

  7. The initial soup is thickened with water starch, and sauce is poured with boiled whiteness.

Tips Taste type: salty and delicious Technique: steaming 1. Fry pork belly in a frying pan with oil until skin turns brownish red, watch temperature so as not to burn yourself. 2. When slicing pork belly, try to cut it as thin as possible.