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fried fry
  • March 11,2023

Silverfish is a very thin fish. Another feature of this fish is that its meat is transparent. It can be eaten fried or fried. So, how to make fry delicious? Is little one delicious?

Is fry delicious?

Silver fish is bright, silvery in color, very fresh, large in size, meat is transparent, thin bones are slightly visible inside, fish is quite fatty, with caviar, which is rich in nutrients. The cooked dish has white meat, delicate taste and freshness. Since fry are very large, they are cut into small pieces and then fried. The fish is soft and tasty, it is a good choice for family members.

fried fry

How to make fry tasty

1. The fry is very large, white and slightly transparent in appearance, very soft to touch, has a very clean fishy smell, strong umami smell.

2. After washing fry, add a small amount of flour and eggs, salt a little, put fry in a bowl, evenly cover with egg dough and fry in a pan.

3. After frying, it does not smell like a fish, only fresh aroma of fish and eggs, do you salivate a lot?

4. It tastes a little like capuchin, but has a more delicate taste than capitol. With exception of a soft spike in middle, all fish have no hard parts.

fried fry

Purchase reviews

1. The packaging is very good. I used two ice packs and it was still fresh when it arrived.

2. I specifically used an ice pack for comparison, it's really big. Of course, it is also very white.

3. There are males and females. The one in middle is female. His stomach is full of fish eggs. He feels amazing! Just a few sticks is a lot. No wonder they say that this generation is designed for five people.

4. Received a package from SF Express, not only fast, but also carefully packed, with two packs of ice packs, so fry was very fresh.

fried fry

5. When I picked it up, I found that bag was not light. After cooking, there were about thirty to forty fish in it. Most of them were large. Even if they were small, they were larger than fry, we usually see a lot .

6. I specially took one and compared size, my hand is already large, and this fry is larger than my hand, which I was immediately surprised at.

7. When it came to fry, I immediately thought of boiled caviar. I immediately took five pieces, large and small, male and female. I planned to make a bowl of steamed fry that night.

8. It is specially cut into many parts, and head and tail are removed. This fish is easy to clean. As for method, you can Baidu yourself.