Jiangsu Cuisine

Drunken bamboo shoots

Drunken Winter Bamboo Shoots have a long history in Jiangsu and Zhejiang dating back thousands of years. With a simple seasoning, its taste is very tasty, which is why people in south of Yangtze River love it very much. and is tra...

  • April 15,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

soy tiger tail

Steamed Huwei is a famous traditional dish in Yangzhou and Huaiyin, Jiangsu Province. It is made from a piece of pure meat on back of an eel's tail, boiled for a while, and seasoned with a thickener. It is so named because it look...

  • April 14,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

Steamed scallops with minced garlic

A very low-calorie dish, you can eat it without gaining weight. Materials 10 clams 1 small handful of Longkou vermicelli 1 garlic 15g Weijixian Soy Sauce 1 teaspoon salt 40 g peanut butter 2 shallots 2 slices ginger Steps 1. Was...

  • April 13,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

Braised red pork with seasonal vegetables

Pig blood cake, a specialty snack in southern Fujian, don't look at it, it's delicious in pot, grilled and deep fried Today, I would like to share with you a special snack in southern Fujian province, pig blood cake, also known a...

  • April 12,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

Fresh shrimp with egg

Hi everyone, I'm Chewie and I'm sharing culinary delights that I can learn once I know them. Welcome to communicate and improve each other. No matter what time it is, nutritional value and good taste are basis of dish. In life, t...

  • April 11,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

Grilled melon with Swallow sauce

Fried Canned Melon with Swallow Juice is a famous traditional dish in Guangdong. Made by boiling winter melon and bird's nest separately, this dish is jade-white in color, fresh in taste, and soft in texture. Yuan Mu, a poet of Qi...

  • April 10,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

the apple of an eye

Pearl in palm of your hand [Dish Name] Palm Pearl 【Category】 Anhui Cuisine [Features] It has a beautiful shape, bright white pearls on palm, delicious and delicious, and is a treat for banquets. [Ingredients] Main Ingredients 1...

  • April 09,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

Dragon King Fish Mouth Soup

Longhuang Fish Mouth Soup belongs to Cantonese cuisine. This dish has a beautiful color and fish soup comes out smooth and delicious. It invigorates spleen, nourishes qi, and warms stomach. Materials include: fish mouth, squid pi...

  • April 08,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

Crab balls in clear soup

Crab balls in clear soup is a Chaozhou dish. The balls are soft, fresh and tender, and soup has a strong flavor. Among them, crab balls can be flexibly made into seafood products such as shrimp balls, cuttlefish balls and snail ba...

  • April 07,2023

Cantonese Cuisine

Screw ball with oil bubble

Screw ball with oil bubbles Foamed oil screw balls have strong local characteristics and are suitable for all seasons. 【Materials】 2500 grams of horned snails (a type of sea snail), 10 grams of dried left-handed fish, 50 grams of...

  • April 06,2023