Hunan Cuisine

Boat Thief Meat

1. Main ingredients: 300 g pork. 2. Accessories: an appropriate number of bamboo shoots. 3. Seasoning: an appropriate amount of salad oil, an appropriate amount of soy sauce, an appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate, an app...

  • June 07,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Six dumplings

The original name of dumplings in ancient times was Jiaobai, which symbolizes reunion and peace, so it is customary to eat dumplings on some important holidays, such as Great and Lesser Colds, Winter Solstice, and Winter's Day. Sp...

  • June 06,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Mandarin Fish Kaiping Chaiba

Kiping Chai Ba Mandarin Fish originated from traditional dishes: Chai Ba Chicken and Chai Ba Duck. It looks like a cold dish with a peacock spreading its tail, but it is actually a hot dish, whole shape completely breaks restricti...

  • June 05,2023

Zhejiang Cuisine

Tofu Casserole

By Half Yellow Crane Tower Materials One head of a silver carp One cat of tofu Ginger slices Pepper Cooking wine salt white sugar Oil consumption Sesame oil Coriander Steps 1. Wash head of fish and cut it in two. 2. Cut tofu int...

  • June 04,2023

Zhejiang Cuisine

fish coral

食材 草鱼2斤 玉米淀粉800克 炸: 油 3斤 腌制: 食用盐 4克 黄酒150克 芡汁: 番茄酱 300克 白醋40克 白糖100克 盐2克 水淀粉150克 明油20克 麻油20克 步骤: 1. 把草鱼处理干净 2. 从鱼尾开始贴着鱼鳍把鱼片成两半,留下中间一层薄薄的鱼骨 3. 再把片下的鱼片里的大刺片去 4. 切珊瑚:斜刀切下第一片鱼肉不要,间隔1厘米左右继续斜刀切鱼片,保持鱼皮不断 5. 切丝:把鱼片一片片反过来用刀根部往外推切成细丝 6. 将鱼肉...

  • June 02,2023

Zhejiang Cuisine

Chopped fish in tomato sauce

Steps 1. One barracuda descaled, opened and cleaned 2. Tear off black film on belly of fish. After tearing off, you will see blood clots in ridge. Clean it, otherwise fish will be more fishy. 3. Pour cooking wine and salt over bel...

  • June 01,2023

Zhejiang Cuisine

Osmanthus large intestine

Main Ingredients 400 g colon, 150 g lean pork Accessories 50 grams of ham, 75 grams of egg yolk, 30 grams of wheat flour, 5 grams of bean starch Spices 50 grams of rice wine, 25 grams of soy sauce, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of mono...

  • May 26,2023

Zhejiang Cuisine

Bright tangerine bone

Juluo Mingu is a dessert made from fish bones and starch. Materials: Main ingredients: Fish bone 200 g, tangerine 250 g. Auxiliary material: 20 grams of starch (bava beans) Seasoning: Rock sugar 100 g Features: The soup is smo...

  • May 25,2023

Zhejiang Cuisine

Fried yellow fish

Crunchy, delicious and nutritious! The bottom line is that method is simple, and a novice in kitchen can also make it delicious! Materials Two small yellow slabs. Salt to taste Adequate amount of wine for cooking Required amount ...

  • May 24,2023

Zhejiang Cuisine

bad chicken

There is always a time when you get sick of fatty stews. Cooking bad chicken saves time and effort and is also refreshing and delicious. Share my bad chicken recipe ~ very simple. Ingredients Brand Xianheng bad marinade and cold w...

  • May 23,2023