Fujian Cuisine

fresh bamboo razor

Many people enjoy eating fresh razor clams. Although recipe for this dish is relatively simple, it is rich in nutrients and tastes good. The main ingredients of this dish are winter bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, starch, razor...

  • July 10,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

cabbage wrap

Meatloaf, roll, steamed roll, light and very tasty! Author: Hxj0102 Materials 10 young cabbage leaves 500 g of meat Some carrots A few grains of corn Pinch of salt Some soy sauce 1 teaspoon oyster sauce 1 teaspoon ground pepper A...

  • July 09,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Three fresh abalone

Manufacturing process Edit 1. Wash fat purple abalone, use a knife to put a flower knife on it, turn it over, and then cut other side, and then cut it into thick slices, 2 small slices and 3-4 large slices; clean mouth of oily fis...

  • July 08,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Cordyceps duck

Recommended Director Zhang Jin recommends: According to historical records, whole grass duck has long been a widespread delicacy and medicinal food. Legend has it that it originated as an imperial dish in court of Tang Dynasty. W...

  • July 07,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Whole fish with crispy chicken

Gourmet Recipe Preparation If you want to fry delicious fried chicken, besides controlling oil temperature, most important thing to pay attention to is selection of ingredients. The most important crunchy texture of fried chicken ...

  • July 06,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Mapo Tofu

Today I want to share with you my homemade Ma Po Tofu" recipe. Many people do not know how to cook tofu so that it is smooth and tender Tofu is fresh and tender, spicy and delicious, if you like it, hurry up and learn it. Ingred...

  • July 05,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Sweet and sour pork ribs

Pork ribs are delicious, nutritious, and there are quite a few options you can make. Today we will share recipe for sweet and sour pork ribs. The sweet and sour taste will never be forgotten once you have eaten it. Prepare 500 gr...

  • July 04,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Spinach Dumplings and Silver Lung Soup

Silver lung soup with spinach dumplings has a unique color and gentle preparation: white and emerald green, tender and smooth, with matching sides and strong aroma. It is one of classic soup dishes in Sichuan cuisine. Material pr...

  • July 03,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Fillet pot stickers

Delicious China Online promotes Chinese cuisine and culture, offering over 20,000 recipes, cooking techniques, and cultural insights. Available in both Chinese and English, it's an essential resource for food enthusiasts and professionals.

  • July 02,2023

Sichuan Cuisine

Longan burnt white

Longan Shaobai This dish is named after its longan-like shape and is a traditional dish of Sichuan Province. The shape of this dish is peculiar and beautiful, meat rolls are wrapped with lotus seeds, similar to longan. Although ma...

  • July 01,2023