Hunan Cuisine

honey sauce

Honey juice fire recipe Honey Juice Fire Party is an exquisite beetroot banquet cooked with honey sauce. Jinhua ham, a specialty of Zhejiang province, is used as main ingredient. Soak and steam until meat is crispy and sticky and ...

  • June 19,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Hot and sour dog meat

As saying goes, "Dog meat turns over three times, and gods cannot stand firm." Delicious dog meat meets chili and two sides blend together and each other's flavors keep blending. When whole kitchen is filled with smell of dog meat...

  • June 18,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Shrimps with salt and pepper

From a dreamer... Materials Fresh river shrimp 350g 4 grams of salt 4 grams of cooking wine 1 teaspoon thirteen spices 3 tsp flour 3 tsp cornstarch Half can of vegetable oil Salt and pepper to taste. Steps 1. Clean river shrimp, ...

  • June 15,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Pure Soup Firefang Caoru

[Clear Firefang Straw Mushroom Soup] Main ingredient Straw mushrooms 300 g Auxiliary material 200 grams of Chinese cabbage Seasoning Appropriate amount of salt, onion, soy sauce, ginger, rice wine, sugar, stock Detailed method:...

  • June 14,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Three pieces of braised chicken with vinegar

Roast Chicken with Vintage French Vinegar There is no smell of acetic acid, only smell of vinegar. If you learn this dish, you will learn how to burn everything with ancient vinegar method! Materials: Half chicken, 1 tablespoon ...

  • June 13,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Tofu's hometown

When meeting strangers ask me about my hometown, few people know name of village. However, when you hear that this is a tofu village within a radius of several miles, you often understand, as if waking up from a dream: Oh! This is...

  • June 12,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Red skirt of stewed water fish

The skirt is nutrient-rich and full of collagen after eating Step 1: Take 750 grams of water fish skirt, mix with 100 grams of pork belly and garlic cloves and other seasonings. Cut water fish skirt into 3 cm cubes, cut pork bell...

  • June 11,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Fried bacon with beans

Today I want to share with you homemade dish "Bacon Fried Celery". not difficult and chewy, if you like it, learn quickly. Ingredients: Bacon, Parsley Auxiliary materials: pepper, red pepper, ginger, green onion Seasonings: Salt...

  • June 10,2023

Hunan Cuisine

Braised pigeon eggs with fresh mushrooms

Features: This dish has high-quality raw materials, elegant color, delicate and smooth texture, fresh and light taste, and can be called a good product in terms of color, aroma, taste and shape. Materials: 20 fresh pigeon eggs, 3...

  • June 09,2023

Hunan Cuisine

double flavored milk soup

Ingredients for double flavored milk soup: 250 g trepang, 250 g squid, 1500 g cabbage, 5 g salt, 2 g monosodium glutamate, 25 g cooking wine, 1 g pepper, 15 g chicken. butter, 500 grams of clear soup Step 11. Remove belly of sea ...

  • June 08,2023